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Cycle Country Rough Cut Mowers
Rough Cut 44 Mower

This mower has a 44" cutting width and come equipped with a 10 HP Tecumseh Engine. It is adjustable to cut anywhere between 2"-6". It will cut down up to 1" saplings. It has a single blade with a Centrifugal Clutch to prevent and damage from occurring if you were to go over a tree stump or rocks.

It has a four wheel fully floating deck to reduce the risk of bottoming out on the ground. Constructed of a heavy duty 12 gauge steel, you will be able to mow on any terrain and not have to worry about damaging or denting your deck. You have the option of having this mower follow directly behind you, as well as towing offset to either the left or the right with the pull of a pin.
Rough Cut 44 Mower
Rough Cut 44 with 10 H.P. Tecumseh Engine
Model Number: 30-0015

Rough cut 44 with 10 H.P. Briggs & Stratton Engine
Model Number: 30-0020


Rough Cut 48 Mower **BEST SELLER**

The versatile Rough Cut Mower will handle your toughest mowing jobs including tall weeds, overgrown brush, and even small trees. This mower can be pulled behind your ATV, or anything with a pin hitch.

The Rough Cut Mower features an offset hitch that allows you to mow to the left, right or directly behind your ATV. This feature allows you to mow close to fences, under trees or even along water while keeping your ATV on firm ground.

The Rough Cut Mower features a single 48" blade driven by a powerful 13 HP I/C series EPA emissions compliant Briggs & Stratton engine or a 13 HP Honda engine. A rear hitch is required on your ATV. Recommended battery for the Rough Cut Mowers is U1-240 (Flat terminal, 240 cranking amps)

Rough Cut 44 Mower

DECK MATERIAL 12 Gauge Steel
CUTTING WIDTH 48” (121.9 cm)
CUTTING BLADE A Single 48” x 3” x 5/16” Hardened Steel Blade Mounted with a single point through a 3”
Friction Disk for Shock Absorption Designed with
15 Degree Air Lift
SPINDLE 1 1/4” Heavy Duty Spindle Shaft with Heavy Duty Timken Bearings Top and Bottom
CLUTCH Centrifugal
BELT Single V Size B
ENGINE 13 H.P. Briggs & Stratton Industrial/Commercial with Easy Start - 30-0040
13 H.P. Honda with Crankcase Oil Pump for
Constant Pressure - 30-0140
STARTER Electric Start
CONTROLS Single Lever Choke, Speed and Off Control
CUTTING HEIGHT 1” to 6 1/2” (2.5 cm to 16.5 cm)


Single Handle - Adjusts Front and Rear at the same time
WHEELS 12” x 3” with Bushings and 3/4” Axles for Durability
HITCH Quick Pin Hitch Designed to Offset Right, Left or Behind
SAFETY SWITCH Kill Switch with ATV and Personal Tether Connection
WEIGHT 360 Pounds

Rough Cut Mower with 13 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
Model Number: 30-0045

Rough Cut Mower with 13 HP Honda Engine
Model Number: 30-0140


QuickSilver® 54 Finish Mower

The Quicksilver® 54 is a finish cut mower that can be mounted on the front of your ATV by using our Front Pivot Assembly, or on the rear by using our Pull Behind Kit. It can be purchased with either an 11 HP Briggs & Stratton engine or an 11 HP Honda engine. The three 18 inch blades give you a smooth, clean cut.
Rough Cut 44 Mower
Quicksilver Mower 54 with 11 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
Model Number: 30-0025

Quicksilver Mower 54 with 11 HP Honda engine
Model Number: 30-0125


Mower Accessories

Spindle Assembly
This is the complete Spindle Assembly consisting of the following: Spindle, Friction Disc, Flat Washer, Blade and Bolt.

54" Spindle Assembly
Model Number: 30-1000

48" Spindle Assembly
Model Number: 30-1010

Front Pivot Assembly

(Required to mount the Quicksilver 54 to the Front of your ATV.)

The Front Pivot Assembly attaches to the mower and to mounting hardware designed specifically for each ATV model. The Quicksilver 54 electric start and throttle are relocated to the ATV's rack for operator convenience.

Front mounting gives you precise control and also prevents grass compacting since the grass is mowed in front of the ATV tires. The hinge is designed to pivot vertically and horizontally.
Model Number: 30-0028

Mule Front Mount Kit
In addition to the Front Pivot Assembly, a mounting hardware kit is required to mount the Quicksilver 54 to your ATV. The mounting hardware kits can also be used to mount our Snow Plow system to your ATV. Kawasaki Mule models require a front mount kit instead of a standard mounting hardware kit.
Model Number: 30-2500

Pull Behind Kit
The Pull Behind Kit allows you to pull the Quicksilver Mower behind your ATV. The quick pin hitch is designed to offset the Quicksilver mower to the right, left, or directly behind.
Model Number: 30-0080



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